Greg Stace is an ARIA nominated engineer- producer from Sydney, Australia.

Highly regarded as one the countries leading vocal producers, Greg specialises in organic productions from acoustic singer-songwriter through Country, Rock, Punk and Metal.


Greg first earned notoriety as the man behind the desk during the punk pop movement of the early 2000’s starting with the breakthrough of  “One Dollar Short” which debuted at #3 on the ARIA singles charts and was the first ever song of its genre to reach top 10 In Australia. 

This led to a decade long run that saw Greg  produce over 100 records, achieving commercial chart success with acts such as Boy & Bear, Gordi, Something With Numbers, Tonight Alive,  Buried In Verona and Kid Courageous.


Greg spent much of 2016-2019 in the US, working in some of Seattle’s most prestigious recording studios, learning the arts of hip hop production  earning a reputation amongst his US peers as potentially 'the  fastest protools engineer in the world'!


Now, back home in Australia, Greg is again at the top of his game, being instrumental in a number of recent break-through recordings for the likes of Darling Brando, In Stereo, Yours Truly, Southbound & Shannon Noll.

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