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“One hell of a debut. Try and get this one out of your head, I dare you.” Purple Sneakers. Sydney's freshest new sound CSÖKE put out her debut single on Valentines Day 2019. #1 arrived after a long time spent developing a feel and a sound that felt right. Years spent writing for other artists and studying performance finally brought CSÖKE to her own distinctive voice.

Filled with ambient beats and quirky instrumentation, #1 kicked off as a lo-fi release which quickly gained attention and praise. Her sophomore single Priority channeled a lot more of CSÖKE's personality, as her deceptively sweet vocal delivers incisive and sometimes scathing lyrics.


CSÖKE kicked off 2020 with a stunning new single "Figure It Out", co-written by the artist and producer Divy Pota.


Deceptively delicate; ethereal melodies provide a seductive backdrop to CSÖKE’s no nonsense, sometimes scathing lyrics. Building to anthemic choruses - that are destined for empowered women everywhere - capturing the same energy that compelled us to sing God is a woman in the shower in times of need. 


The EP title track "F.W.M" was written by CSÖKE and super producer Peter Holz, who also produced the single. Holz is in high demand working with the likes of Eskimo Joe, Alice Ivy, Peking Duk and Gang Of Youths.


CSÖKE comments on the song "FWM tells the story of a messy breakup, betrayal of cheating & most importantly the discovery of self worth. At first it may sound like a typical "screw you" break up song but I wanted to make this song a way for others to listen & when they sing along they're manifesting that same energy and self worth into their own life. Whenever the lyrics refer to ones self "I", everything is uplifting, there's no negativity, just good vibes. 'FWM' is the getting to the other better side of self worth and loving it. 

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